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Staples Tuition Grants helps graduates of Staples High School with financial need pursue higher education — All grants from STG for college or trade school tuition assistance are awarded using a need-based criteria. Working closely with the Staples High School Guidance Department and other agencies, STG ensures the financial aid it provides is reaching those in the Westport community that need it most. Since 2007, applications to STG for financial aid have doubled as has the number of grants STG has awarded within the SHS community—all thanks to our generous donors.

apps and grants 2016


What does this mean? STG has more families and students meeting our rigorous financial metrics and receiving aid than ever before! Each year STG needs to fundraise vigorously in order to keep up with the local demand.

Robust metrics, including the FAFSA (the federal tool for determining financial aid) are applied to each student applicant’s financial data to assess demonstrated need. School specific tuition and other expected grants, scholarships and loan amounts are also factors and the STG Board personally interviews every new applicant. Unlike many financial aid programs STG is not a freshman-year only program; recipients can re-apply each year for a grant. STG does not discriminate by school, whether public or private, vocational or academic, in-state or out. Grants are for the purposes of tuition and are paid directly to the school.