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In 1943, a group of Westporters founded Staples Tuition Grants with a $100 donation from the Staples High School PTA on the belief that all young adults should have the opportunity to continue their education beyond high school. By providing tuition assistance to Staples High School seniors and graduates with demonstrated financial need, this group felt they could help Westport’s students close the gap between what their family can afford and the expected cost of tuition at the student’s chosen college or trade school. Seventy years later STG is doing the same work, except the need has grown exponentially. The board of Staples Tuition Grants is still made up of dedicated volunteers, all Westport residents, serving single, three or four-year, overlapping terms.

Many Staples Tuition Grants are given out as Named Awards, established over the years to honor individuals, civic groups, foundations and businesses, with whom the mission of STG resonates.

The original Staples High School, Riverside Avenue
1884-1937 (building in use until 1958 by SHS)
Staples High School, Riverside Avenue


Staples High School, North Avenue
1958-2005 (modernized, 1981)
Staples High School, North Avenue
2005–present day