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Since 1943, Staples Tuition Grants has helped ensure that no Staples High School graduate is denied a college education because of financial need.

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Staples Tuition Grants (STG) provides tuition assistance to Staples High School seniors and graduates in Westport, CT with demonstrated financial need, helping to close the gap between what their family can afford and the expected cost of tuition at the student’s chosen college or trade school. STG was founded on the belief that all young adults should have the opportunity to continue their education beyond high school.

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  • Gordon Swisha
  • Chou Chou Merrill
  • Patricia Weber Baxter Pelton
  • Gene Pelletier
  • John M. Dodig
  • Michael Goodgame
  • Cameron Bruce
  • Doug Sheffer
  • Josephine Brummel
  • Kenneth Brummel
  • kenny
    Donna L. Kenny
  • Geri and David Epstein
  • Temple Lodge #65
  • Joan and Ben Wilder

  • Alan E. Strick
  • Ali Mirza
  • Jean S. Pierson
    Jean S. Pierson
  • Doug Donovan
  • bud sharon frey
    Sharon and Bud Frey
  • Ann Kiester and Katy Macieski
  • Dorothy Adams
    Dorothy R. Adams
  • Preston Hirten
  • Philip Schuyler
  • Beatrice Smoot Bennewitz
  • William D. Horne IV
  • Westport Sunrise Rotary Dick Eldh
  • Irwin Donenfeld
  • Bowes Family
  • Dr. Janet Beasley
    Dr. Jean Beasley
  • Anne and Edward Yass
  • Noel de Caprio
    Noel de Caprio
  • Frank Reagan
  • Eric Goldschmidt
  • William J. and Dorothy Rosenbloom
  • SHS Class of '81
  • Kenneth Sweetnam
  • Judy Levine
    Judith Gold Levine
  • Robert Hayden Jones
    Robert Haydon Jones
  • The Praxair Foundation Award
    The Praxair Global Giving Award

  • Lou Santella
    Lou Santella
  • Milton Fisher
    Milton Fisher
  • bill meyer
    Bill Meyer
  • cody thomas
    Cody Thomas
  • Ruth Steinkraus Cohen
    Ruth Steinkraus-Cohen
  • karyn morgan
    Karyn Morgan


STG is the largest distributor of need-based college tuition grant dollars in Westport, CT, in continuous operation for over 70 years


Percentage increase in applications for college tuition assistance from Westport students and families with financial need since 2007


Percentage of funds raised that go directly to helping students. STG is an all-volunteer committee